Mobile multi-camera system to bring science into practice!


WinnerCam PROFESSIONAL is a mobile, multi-camera performance analysis system. The system can consist of up to 7 mobile, high-speed cameras to capture and analyse start, turns and swimming technique at the highest level. 

The system consists of the following:

With up to 7 mobile, high-speed cameras (each running at 150 fps with 2 megapixel resolution) you can capture every tiny detail of the technique and scientifically monitor the progression in technique and performance.

Immediately after performing a start, turn or sprint, the video of the performance is shown on a large screen. The direct video feedback helps to align the perceived movement by the swimmer with the actual knowledge of performance. For starts, the individual Personal Best line is shown as an overlay on top of the video, which constantly challenges the swimmer to improve their performance.

The analysis software allows the user to determine several kinematic parameters for starts and turns in a very simple way. The data are exported to an (online) database for comparison between athletes and individual optimisation.

Each swimmer has an own WinnerCam bracelet. The bracelet is used to start a recording. By using the bracelet the recorded videos are automatically stored in the cloud of the right swimmer.

Max. 25 athletes standard included, 3 GB storage per athlete, 120 video credits per athlete per month. Larger subscriptions are available for teams above 25 athletes.

Use the WinnerCam app on Android or iOS devices for playback of all recorded videos


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